Uniquely designed, and expertly crafted, these beauties require at least 2 weeks notice if you wish for us to cater for your special occasion.

Below are some ideas in which to help you choose a flavour combination that best suits your requirements, and some designs we have done previously for other customers, again to assist in the process of choosing the perfect cake for you. 

Speak with our dedicated pastry chefs, for a cake you can have and eat too! 



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Vegan Lemon Poppy

Delicate soft cake crumb, favoured with freshly zested lemon, raspberries and vegan coconut creme exterior.

Semi naked finish.


Blueberry Chocolate

Light as air chocolate chiffon cake, with velvety chocolate ganache and fresh blueberry detail.

Wire butterfly made in-house. 


Vegan Mud Garden

Decadent layers of Mud cake, chocolate ganache and raspberry.

Semi naked exterior, with greenery.


Chocolate on Chocolate

Super light sponge like chocolate chiffon cake, with fresh strawberry and coconut creme. Chocolate cigar decoration.


Bi-colour Hazelnut Cake

Chocolate and hazelnut fudge cake, with beetroot and raspberry chai jam, beet and spirulina tie die exterior, with fresh raspberry and pine cone decoration.

Chocolate Cake

Hazel Double Chocolate

Hazelnut chocolate fudge cake, with decadent layers of velvety chocolate ganache. Semi naked finish.


Hazelnut Raspberry 

Hazelnut and chocolate truffle cake, with vegan coconut creme, fresh raspberries and floral arrangement. Semi naked exterior. In house made wire giraffe.


Blueberry Ecalyptus

Almond vanilla cake, with layers of coconut creme, blueberry chia jam filling and blueberry garnish.


Raspberry Black Rice


Super light black rice chiffon cake, with raspberry coulis, fresh raspberries and coconut creme.


Chocolate strawberry

Light super fluffy chocolate chiffon cake, with centre of strawberry coulis, chocolate coconut ganache and fresh berries.


Lime and Coconut

Moist Vanilla almond cake, with fresh vegan lime curd and coconut creme.

Semi naked finish, and ganache drip.


Citrus Meringue Chiffon

Fluffy lemon chiffon cake, with pillowy coconut sugar Italian meringue. Centre filled with luscious lemon curd.


Beetroot Blushin' Beauty

Vegan chocolate mud cake, with layers of beetroot chocolate ganache, fresh raspberries and a tied die exterior.


Vegan Chocolate Mud

Simple yet elegant mud cake, with fresh berries and vegan ganache.


Carrot and Pineapple

Traditional carrot cake, with accents of fresh pineapple and coconut lemon creme. Fresh blueberries and orange zest.


Banana Butterscotch

Fresh banana chiffon cake, with coconut butterscotch drip, fresh raspberry and vegan coconut creme.


Vegan Jaffa 

Almond and orange cake, with velvety chocolate ganache and fresh orange and blueberry.  Rustic exterior.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 10.59.44 am.png

Vegan Fruit and Mud

Layers of Buku's signature mud cake, with vegan coconut creme, chocolate ganache drip and fresh seasonal fruit. Semi naked exterior.


Blueberry and Poppy

Lime almond cake, with coconut creme and poppy seed design.

Blue nettle and fresh blueberry garnish.


Lamington Cake

Layers of chocolate and vanilla sponge, house made jam, finished with chocolate ganache and coconut,