Our Story....


Established in 2016 by mother and daughter duo, Cris and Tesha
Borin, Buku is a contemporary cakery that utilises innovative
ingredients to perfect a range of clean-eating foods.
Serving a seasonal, adaptable menu of light savoury meals,
sweets, juices, smoothies, coffee and teas, Buku specialises
in the ‘good naughties’—cakes and sweets that are gluten-
free, vegan, vegetarian and refined sugar-free.
Everything in Buku is made in-house: “From the syrups in
our mylkshakes to the almond-butter spread on our gluten-
free toast,” says classically-trained pastry chef, Tesha.
Buku’s lush indoor greenery and white-washed brick walls hosts
a stylish, peaceful space for diners looking to eat clean—without
compromising on taste.
Buku is inspired by Mother Nature, and, in all elements of
our business, we aim to be empathic, flexible and innovative.
Stay tuned over the next year for more exciting
developments here at Buku!


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